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You have to learn and it wasn't the fact that anyone was telling me what to do, it was I had to learn by messing up.And so because I didn't know these girls, I didn't know these ways, you know it was very hard to adapt, it was very difficult and I was very lonely for a really long time.

These girls were so good and they already knew, you know the fundamentals, they knew the psychology, they knew everything that I had just come into this, you know what I mean?Thomas, in a You Tube video posted by Moore’s contributors also included Franklin Raddish, pastor of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministry in Greenville, South Carolina, who claims the attacks are not just on Roy Moore but are all part of a “war on men.” Raddish explained his theory in a That must be what is wrong with the media.Instead of focusing on young girls chasing boys, the media keeps writing about men in their 30s trolling underage girls and if Raddish is right, those 14-year-old girls may have been chasing Moore.So I was always doing these promos in front of my mom and she'd be like, 'Hmm, that didn't sound very convincing.' She would just be like honest, you know what I mean?It was just like in cheer when I would have a routine, she would be like, 'Stop, start over again, stop, start over again.' So it's kind of like the same kind of thing with promos and then we had Dusty (Rhodes) as a promo coach who was amazing. I started getting comfortable in promos when I was partnered with Scott Dawson in NXT.It never debuted on TV, but I was playing his girlfriend in promo classes for like a few months and that's what really kind of got me comfortable with promos because I was out of the box, I was reenacting, I was reacting off of people, you know?

"When I joined Blake and Murphy, that's when i was able to really hone in my character as to who Alexa Bliss is because I didn't have to be in the ring and try to portray a character at the same time and worry about a match and this that and the other.

As for the accusations against Moore, Allison says, “If he says he didn’t do it, I believe him.” Moore blamed “the liberal media,” who else, for its effort “to malign the good name of Judge Moore.” Wiles is not the only national name to put some money into the Moore campaign.

Rusty Thomas is the minister in charge of Operation Save America, formerly known as Operation Rescue, the nation’s foremost anti-abortion activist organization.

' So I just started talking and talking and talking about like these just terrible wrestling ideas I had.

I was like, 'I want to be like The Great Kabuki, but with the Green Mist I want to blow glitter-I want to spit glitter out!

If the election turns out the way they want Tuesday and Roy Moore punches his ticket to the U. Senate, then perhaps they will no longer have to live in fear of gays, Muslims, presidents with the middle name Hussein, and horny teenage girls who set their sights on a heroic middle-aged man.

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