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Archaeology shows that both Ur in Lower Mesopotamia and Haran in Upper Mesopotamia were centers of moon worship.Even the names Terah, Laban, Sarah, and Milcah contain elements that reveal allegiance to the moon-god.[2] Sumerian culture in southern Mesopotamia had a number of gods in its pantheon: four leading deities -- An, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag -- and three chief astral deities -- Nanna (the moon), Nanna's son Utu (the sun), and Nanna's daughter Inanna.

Wellhausen was widely influential and the theory grew more and more complex -- and speculative. Whybray commented in 1995 on the state of Pentateuchal studies: "There is at the present moment no consensus whatever about when, why, how, and through whom the Pentateuch reached its present form, and opinions about the dates of composition of its various parts differ by more than five hundred years."[9] Certainly Jesus, the Jews, and the early church all believed that the Pentateuch (which the Jews referred to as "the law") was inspired by God and attributed it as a whole to Moses.We'll examine these further as we study the details of Abraham's life.Though the traditional view is that Moses was the author of the Pentateuch, since the Enlightenment there has been growing speculation on who the authors were.Abraham's belief in these promises was counted by God as righteousness and his faith shaped his life.Ultimately these promises find their fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah and all those who trust in Yahweh, the true God, Abraham's spiritual children.He grew wealthy, married again after Sarah's death, and died at the age of 175 years.

There it is in a nutshell, but we'll spend 10 lessons discussing the significance of his life.His heir, Isaac, was born to Abraham and Sarah in their old age by supernatural intervention by God.His devotion to God was such that he was willing to sacrifice his only son.He apparently used two words for God -- Abraham's monotheism contrasts sharply with the polytheism of his forebears (Joshua 24:2).He believed God to be the Lord of the cosmos (; 24:3), supreme judge of mankind (;), controller of nature (; ; ), highly exalted () and eternal ().Nevertheless, I'll be using the names Abraham and Sarah throughout this study to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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