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Since Wednesday, the cast of has been sending me emails, and they’re just saying, “He was our brother.

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You become what you think about the most, and I think he thought about his family and friends and loyalty and generosity, and that’s what he became. It was just a couple of months ago at this big Hollywood party, and as soon as I saw him, he gave me one of those embracing hugs where you feel like you’re tied together with him.If you were a friend of Jim’s, he remained not just friendly, but an actively engaged friend. When I was going through my illness, he was incredible supportive. When he first had some success, I remember him saying to the fellas, the buddies he was hanging around with, he was like, “We’re good now.” It was always him taking it for the team.Always the first thing that he said when we saw each other was, “How you feeling? When I got hired as entertainment host at HBO, he was the biggest star on HBO.Lately, however, the Farrelly Brothers have become tame and inoffensive, bothering themselves with misguided causes (Shallow Hal) and dull remakes (Fever Pitch). Continue reading: Dumb & Dumber Review Rosie Perez annoys less than usual in this waste of celluloid, about a TV producer so driven, even a pregnancy won't stop her!Flat and limp for a supposed comedy, The 24 Hour Woman should have quit after 20 minutes.This is it.” The ancient Greek view of happiness was really defined by leading a productive life: It’s not about how much you have, it’s about what you do with it.

And I felt like he was most proud of his relationships with his extended family.We’ve shared experiences and milestones in our lives, so I remember him sitting on his stoop having coffee and telling me he was going to be a father for the first time.What was so great was that he always felt connected and responsible and deeply loyal to the people he grew up with. I remember going with him to the first ever were friends from high school.He didn’t just go — he looped in the entire cast from , and he’d take pictures with everybody who wanted it.I felt like he was always so empathetic for people who were suffering and was always looking how he could be of service.Step by Step is an American television sitcom that aired for seven seasons, originally running on ABC as part of its TGIF Friday night lineup from September 20, 1991 to August 15, 1997, and then moved to CBS where it aired from September 19, 1997 to June 26, 1998.