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Bojangles,” carrying an over-the-shoulder backpack and a sign that reads “Will Rassle 4 Food God Bless.” Despite – or perhaps because of – his unassuming character, the crowd loves him.In real life, Hobo Hank is Joe Singer, the general manager of a Chili’s restaurant in Los Lunas, a bedroom community some forty miles south of Albuquerque.

For the ten minutes or so that they will wrestle in the Westside Community Center, they are heroes and villains of mythical proportions.

Hank grimaces, shakes his head and goes backstage, screwed over once again.

* * * – a word that is both hard to define and of uncertain origin, though many believe it comes from carnival slang.

Hank, always stoic, catches his breath and takes a moment to bask in his victory. This isn’t the first time a win has been stolen from Hank by the slimy Roblez.

But then, a dark-suited figure appears on the edge of the stage, microphone in hand, eyes hidden behind wrap-around sunglasses. Six months ago, Roblez surreptitiously sabotaged Hank’s match against the Almighty Sheik, and then had another villain hold him down while the Sheik attempted to blind Hank with an honest-to-god fireball (or at least a bit of flash paper ignited via sleight of hand).

“But in 1994, [professional wrestlers] wouldn’t just teach anybody. Baca and Luna threw him around the ring, pinned him to the mat and placed him in a series of brutal holds until Singer was crying out in pain.

The night after his first session, as he lay in bed, muscles screaming in agony, he seriously considered not going back. Luna and Baca once again did their best to push him past his limits.We didn’t take it seriously at all.” But after a few years they began to organize their first ticketed events – amateur affairs at the National Guard Armory or a gym at one of the local Native American reservations. In a long series of videos, DWO wrestlers grimace and flex their muscles, growling insults to each other and referencing betrayals, victories and defeats going back nearly a decade.Slowly, they adopted a more professional approach to training, and were able to consistently present believable performances in the ring. For a small outfit based out of a small city, there is a significant dichotomy between the larger-than-life personas that the wrestlers project in the ring and the fact that, well, they’re nowhere close to being on a Hulk Hogan level.The crowd is loving it, riled up by Gallegos’ earlier proclamation that “I’m the guy who’s going to beat your hero!” Hobo Hank is the city’s favorite “babyface” – a wrestling term for “good guy.” He’s a down-on-his-luck everyman who doesn’t always fight clean, but always fights for what’s right.The matches take place in the gymnasium of the Westside Community Center, typically drawing one to two hundred spectators who occupy folding chairs around the ring and the bleachers against the wall. When it was founded in the early 2000s, the league was little more than an excuse for four high school friends to screw around in their backyards, mimicking the moves they’d seen on television.