Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception invalid destination name

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Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception invalid destination name - 100 kostenlos flirten Hagen

Under normal circumstances, the router has adequate routing information after it has been configured for Internet access, and you do not need to configure additional static routes.You must configure static routes only for unusual cases such as multiple routers or multiple IP subnets located on your network.

The user doesn't know or care where the directories are actually located.A driver maps a specific kind of naming or directory service into the standard JNDI class interfaces.Drivers have been created for LDAP, Novell Net Ware NDS, Sun Solaris NIS , CORBA COSNaming, and many other types of naming and directory services, including proprietary ones.For more details on JNDI, see the sidebar below, "Understanding JNDI." Understanding JNDI JNDI is a standard Java extension that provides a uniform API for accessing a variety of directory and naming services. JDBC lets you write code that can access different relational databases such as Oracle, SQLServer, or Sybase; JNDI lets you write code that can access different directory and naming services, such as LDAP, Novell Netware NDS, CORBA Naming Service, and proprietary naming services provided by JMS servers.In JMS, JNDI is used mostly as a naming service to locate administered objects.JNDI provides an abstraction that hides the specifics of the naming service, making client applications more portable.

Using JNDI, JMS clients can browse a naming service and obtain references to administered objects without knowing the details of the naming service or how it is implemented.

They are top of my head 1) As We cannot delete the file store 2) They are consuming the disk space 3) If we delete the oldest file then server start will fail 4) If delete all the files then we are loosing the messages Is this a WL BUG , that even after processing the messages it cannot reduce the file size and cannot delete the old file store?

Static routes provide additional routing information to your router.

Administered objects are bound to a name in a naming service.

A naming service associates names with distributed objects, files, and devices so that they can be located on the network using simple names instead of cryptic network addresses.

An example of a naming service is the DNS, which converts an Internet hostname like a network address that browsers use to connect to web servers.

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