Updating xint program

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The initial size of the heap for the young generation can be set using the at startup, the class objects in the application will be left untouched during GC and will always be considered live.

Any invalid data encountered indicates a problem in the native code, and the JVM will terminate with an irrecoverable error in such cases.A version string is the developer designation of the version number in the following form: ) for a logical AND combination of two version strings/ranges.For example, if running the class or JAR file requires either JRE 6u13 (1.6.0_13), or any JRE 6 starting from 6u10 (1.6.0_10), specify the following: Quotation marks are necessary only if there are spaces in the release parameter.They are used for common actions, such as checking the version of the JRE, setting the class path, enabling verbose output, and so on.Non-standard options are general purpose options that are specific to the Java Hot Spot Virtual Machine, so they are not guaranteed to be supported by all JVM implementations, and are subject to change. Advanced options are not recommended for casual use.Expect a performance degradation when this option is used.

option disables interpreted method invocations to increase compilation performance at the expense of efficiency.You can also change the number of interpreted method invocations before compilation using the Enables strict class-file format checks that enforce close conformance to the class-file format specification.Developers are encouraged to use this flag when developing new code because the stricter checks will become the default in future releases. Compilation to native code is disabled, and all bytecode is executed by the interpreter.For default JVM selection, see Server-Class Machine Detection at Sets a system property value.The property variable is a string with no spaces that represents the name of the property.The performance benefits offered by the just in time (JIT) compiler are not present in this mode. The young generation region of the heap is used for new objects.

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