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The first one was demonstrated at one of the last of the Warner fairs. Service into Warner was discontinued about 5 years ago.

is a roller coaster ride through the lives of modern American families. These individuals, with the exception of Theodore L. Two persons had their registrations cancelled during the year for reasons not stated.The cost of constructing the part of the highway that traverses Warner was approximately ,697,000, or 4,294 per mile.I simply don’t have the time or inclination to do this.If you read my blog you’ll soon have a very clear idea of my views.You can then read other sources, compare and decide for yourself what resonates.

Important points before you post: Be sure to read the Disclaimer Page. Bus service to and from Warner is no longer available. Among the early ones were those operated by Herbert N. Jepson, George Chase, Cloues and Sawyer (later Sawyer and Howlett), and George Guimond.There are three interchanges with Route 103 in Warner, two of which provide access for both north and southbound traffic at Warner Village and Dimond Corner.The third interchange, in Lower Warner, has an "off" ramp for northbound traffic and an "on" ramp for southbound traffic.There is little evidence, however, that shanks' mare is becoming any more popular as a means of getting around.