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If you are taking any medication for your blood pressure (or any other sleeping tablets or tranquillisers), have a chat with your doctor before using an over-the-counter may have to work at night, staying awake when you would normally be asleep.

If you try these tips and you still can't sleep, go and see your doctor.Another problem is tolerance - as your body gets used to the substance, you need to take more and more to get the same effect.It is best not to take anti-histamines for a long time.It doesn't seem to work as well if you take it occasionally.As with the anti-histamines, you need to be careful about the effects lasting into the following morning.There are some simple tips on how to sleep better, and how to decide if you need more help.

You don't usually need to think very much about sleep.Sleeping tablets should only be used for short periods (less than 2 weeks) - for instance, if you are so distressed that you cannot sleep at all.If you have been on sleeping tablets for a long time, it is best to cut down the dose slowly after discussing it with your doctor.It's an ordinary part of life, but sometimes you just can't sleep properly (we call it insomnia).It's usually just for a short time, perhaps when you're worried or excited.It can make you drowsy and, occasionally, can cause: Over-the-counter medication You can buy sleeping remedies at your chemist without a prescription.

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