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She's believed to be 16 years old in the third season's timeline.Even though she didn't appear in Gundalian Invaders as an individual, in True Colors, she was shown in a flashback from New Vestroia, and in Mobile Assault, she was shown in a picture with Dan.

They were the number one in bakugan Interspace until they were disqualified for using Zenthon accidentally, when battling Anubias for number one position.

In season 3, Dan has moved to Bayview Town because of his dad's work, and quickly becomes popular due to the fact he helped destroy Naga and King Zenoheld.

, is a 12-year-old girl who loves playing Bakugan against skilled people so she can show off. Her Guardian Bakugan is a Haos Tigrerra (the others being Terrowclaw and Saurus), who is very obedient and powerful in battle. Though underage (in the first season), she helps her parents run their family business in a cafe.

He also gains a new Bakugan and will be back in Gundalian invaders.

He's now believed to be about 16 in Mechtanium Surge.

In Mechtanium Surge, she was shown in another picture with Julie in the episode Back in Sync. In episode 31, "Spectra Rises", Marucho Dan and Mira make it to Vestal where they meet up with Ace Baron and Klaus later they are challenged by both of Volt Luster for their attribute energy and then challenging Dan.

However, she finally made her return in the episode Enemy Allies, where she delivers the battle suits to Dan, Marucho and Shun as they battle Wiseman. Spectra then battles Dan, Mira and Marucho when both Mira and Marucho lose when Drago protects them from Cyber Helios' cyber blast.

It is revealed in episode 32 that she knew Dan from when she was little, but didn't realize it because she didn't catch his name. She has not brawled for the final showdown against King Zenoheld as Tigrerra chose not to brawl and put her into trouble.

She missed her friends so much that she teleported herself to New Vestroia but she was half way there.

Dan along with the rest of restisance attempt to stop the alternative through any means necessary.

At the end of New Vestroia he destroys the alternative weapon system with the help of his friends and allies.

He lives with his grandfather, who used to be a famous ninja warrior, who once expected Shun to follow in his footsteps instead of playing Bakugan.

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