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In 2015, researchers from Harvard and the Boston Attention and Learning Laboratory published a joint study that found people in their mid-40s — specifically, age 43 — tended to do the best on tests of concentration.

There are plenty of cases in which human beings peak well into middle and old age.

That's in part because women's salaries start growing more slowly at about 30.

Men's salaries peak when they're about 48 or 49, at a median closer to ,000.

Your bones are at their strongest and densest when you're 30 years old.

Again, you can keep your calcium and vitamin D intake high to keep your bones healthier longer, but eventually, they will start to weaken.

It turns out people's scores on multiple-choice vocabulary tests keep climbing into their late 60s and early 70s.

And you don't need to sit around reading the dictionary all day to make it happen — although it can't hurt.Teenagers may have vitality on their side, but older people are generally more psychologically stable.And so it goes with several phenomena people experience as they age.According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the average age when Nobel Prize-winning research is done is 40.If you don't think you're in line to win a Nobel, the study authors say the concept still holds for other great achievements — people tend to do their most outstanding work in middle age.A disclaimer: OKCupid's data pool, which is based on its users, isn't a representative sample of the population.

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