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The New Bedford House Preservation Society hosts the New Bedford tours. On our To Do List is a trip to Lakeville to see the “Crazy Tech Christmas Animated Light Show” on Furlong Circle.Candlelight tours (from 4 to 8 pm) are on December 9 and an afternoon tour (from 1 to 5 pm) is on December 10. The Sippican Woman’s Club hosts the Marion tour on Saturday, December 9 from 10 am to 4 pm. The Fairhaven Historical Society hosts the Fairhaven tour on Sunday, December 10 from 1 to 4 pm. Its website proclaims that it is “tacky gone wild.” How can we resist?!

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You can do it at 3 in the morning if you’re having insomnia. But consider a world where there are no cute little local shops to wander and browse in, to chat with the folks inside, to sponsor little league teams and offer you cookies and cider while you shop. Plenty of folks have offered reasons why you should shop small (see Forbes’ 43 Reasons You Should Support Small and Independent Businesses). There’s SO much going on this month that it was very hard to keep it to eight (but we did, because we’re creatures of habit and because 55 doesn’t rhyme with “great”). Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Because you’ll be surrounded by a lot of fun people who don’t take running entirely seriously.After she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked in the interior design industry and she brings a keen aesthetic to her work everyday as a realtor.She spent her summers as a child in Marion and now lives in Mattapoisett.La Force Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage with two offices in Wareham, one office in Lakeville and – soon – one office in Bourne.Laforce Realty, Tyler Avenue, Wareham, (508) 958-5376. Not a year goes by when renovation projects don’t fill his days (and nights).Edaville Railroad itself also hosts a Festival of Lights (more on that here).

Cindy lives in Bourne with her husband Mike and six adorable, patience-testing kitties.After the City of New Bedford tree lighting ceremony, Mayor Mitchell is inviting folks back to the Zeiterion Theater for a FREE showing of the holiday classic. If you’ve seen it 99 times already, you should see it again. No worries (and no excuses) — the suit is included with registration! You can do this in Fairhaven, Marion, and New Bedford on the weekend of December 9-10.Zeiterion Theater, 684 Purchase Street, New Bedford. Participants are encouraged to bring a wrapped toy for those in need. Enjoy the architecture, the interiors, the festive airs and the community spirit (the New Bedford and Fairhaven tours support historic preservation; the Marion tours support community scholarships).Cindy Parola says to check out Gellette Road in Fairhaven (“the guy does a great display!”) and the area around Edaville Railroad where all the neighbors decorate their homes.Last year, I even bought an ugly sweater after Christmas at the Vanity Fair outlet. (proceeds benefit The Neediest Families Fund.) Yay! I can hear some of you demurring, “ah, but I don’t have a santa suit.” No worries (and no excuses) — the santa suit is included with registration! start time ( for those under 14 years old), you know what this segues nicely into? You can have a bite to eat afterwards, change out of your santa suit and into your ugly sweater!

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    La Plataforma en Defensa del Tajo va Change ya lleva reunidas 2.000 firmas para que la UNESCO medie por la recuperacin del Tajo, que podra incluir a nuestra capital en la lista de Patrimonio Amenazado. El pte de Caja Rural CLM, Javier Lpez, ha entregado a la responsable de Down Toledo, Trinidad Escobar, una ayuda: Workin 2017, de 6.000 por el proyecto presentado a la 4 convocatoria de esta iniciativa, denominado: Adecuacin del personal con discapacidad intelectual a los nuevos sistemas productivos de atencin y servicio al cliente en empleo protegido.

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    He pleaded guilty to assault by beating in Birmingham, West Midlands between February 2013 and August 2013.

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    Tokią taktiką autoriai pasiūlė ištyrę „serijinių“ antreprenerių – žmonių, kurie įkūrė ne vieną, o kelias naujas įmones – patirtį.