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This section lists issues to consider before installing Release 4.9 of the VPN Client software.

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The following sections list information relevant to installing and using the VPN Client release for the Mac OS X platforms: •File in VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release •Using the VPN Client •About Version Numbers The VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release consists of the following file: vpnclient-darwin-•To use the VPN Client, you need –Direct network connection (cable or DSL modem and network adapter/interface card), or –Internal or external modem •To connect using a digital certificate for authentication, you need a digital certificate signed by one of the following Certificate Authorities (CAs) installed on your PC: –Baltimore Technologies ( –Entrust Technologies ( –Netscape ( –Verisign, Inc.The software, sample program, and documentation are available at along with the rest of the VPN Client downloads. If you do not have a CCO account, please visit register for a guest account.Once you have done this forward the account ID to the [email protected] that we can publish the file to you.Introduction System Requirements Installation Notes New Feature in Release 4.9 Usage Notes Open Caveats Resolved Caveats in VPN Client for Mac OS X, Release Documentation Updates Related Documentation The VPN Client is an application that runs on a Macintosh (Mac) personal computer that meets the system requirements stated in the next section.In this document, the term "PC" applies generically to all these computers, unless specified otherwise.All API commands require that the 4.6.x and later of the VPN Client be fully installed.

If you are planning on using C, we recommend you call the directly; however, if you plan on using C , then use the example provided in the zip file. The documentation in the zip file will work for both C & C .

These release notes describe new features, limitations and restrictions, caveats, and related documentation.

Please read the release notes carefully prior to installation.

( Beginning with the VPN Client 4.6 release, an all-numeric version numbering system has been adopted for VPN Client software to facilitate the automatic update function.

Release numbers are represented in the format: The major and minor release numbers represent the feature level of the product.

Major and minor releases implement new product capabilities.

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