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Naina wanted a place to live in Mumbai so Aii offers to take her as a PG (paying guest) at her house.

Aii seems to have been inspired by Naina's mature and naive nature.Were you apprehensive in the beginning as the show is in the afternoon slot?Honestly, when I had signed the show, it was slotted to be a prime-time show and it was just twenty days before the show's launch that we came to know that the show has been pushed to the afternoon slot.Daksh confesses to Naina that he loves her but she is hesitant because Daksh is already engaged to Sonakshi. He tells clearly that he would never marry Sonakshi, after which Sonaksi attempts suicide but is saved.Anjali asks Naina about Daksh's family but she doesn't reply. "Recently in the show, Sonakshi tried to kill Naina on Diwali night.It was chilling cold and the water made the cold even worse that I really started crying which made the shoot easier for me.

On the contrary there was another car sequence where Gaurav and I are on the way to Pune for which we were really driving for nearly seven hours in the Film City.What are the learning experiences got from the show? I have most of my scenes with Nivedita Saraf, who has been there in the industry for a long time and is a seasoned actor. You have been seen in Telugu movies; how have you felt the difference?One of the main differences is the language where I just have to speak what is told in movies.Years after her father's death, Naina is told the truth, which leads her to leave her family home and, after a brief interlude, begin a new life in Bombay as a wedding planner.On her journey to Mumbai she meets the main protagonist Daksh Patwardhan on a train.This is additionally nurtured by her becoming a tenant in the Patvardhan family's household. Daksh goes to Sonaksi's house to end the relationship but Sonakshi tells her parents that he came to apologize.

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