Outlook contact updating

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Outlook contact updating

For example, a locale might require one kind of telephone number prefix format for calling from inside the country and another prefix format for calling from outside the country.

As a result, the local contacts information will be overwritten by the contact information contained within the GAL.

If you want Outlook 2010 to prompt users before it synchronizes to the Exchange GAL, configure the registry settings as described in this article.

In this article: Outlook 2010 synchronizes its Contacts folder entries to contacts that have matching SMTP addresses in the Exchange GAL.

A programmatic solution is possible, but requires complex data validation to pull the previous values from the Notes field.

These solutions quickly become unfeasible for a large enterprise.

For the contact corrections Outlook makes during GAL synchronization, and the list of settings that you can configure, review the global address list synchronization section in Determine which features to enable or customize in Outlook 2010.

To download the Outlook 2010 template and for more information about other Administrative Template files, see Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX, ADML) and Office Customization Tool.

After synchronization, you cannot reverse the changes in bulk.

However, the user can manually update Outlook contacts, or if there are many differences, the user’s mailbox can be restored.

For information about scripting, see Script Center ( This registry value is only honored when the Schedule Contact GALSync key does not exist.

The Schedule Contact GALSync is created if the user manually sets GAL synchronization options through the user interface.

In a move correction, the telephone numbers that the user creates in his or her Outlook contacts are overwritten and moved to an adjacent telephone number field.

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