Online dating sites with background checks

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Online dating sites with background checks - big dating sites in australia

“It’s really a tool for online daters — one they may not realize is available to them.” Been Verified pulls together public information into a single comprehensive resource.

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Online dating has its fair share of scary stories, but some are avoidable with the right tools.

On a desktop or mobile device, Been Verified makes searching for criminal records easier — and online dating safer.

Maria Christina Johnson created an online dating profile in Southern California, but she wasn’t looking for love. She used her dating alias to get close enough to take what she wanted, stealing her date’s valuable possessions and personal information.

Digitized public records make a background search easy and accessible to everyone.

“We try to give someone a complete look at a person, a property, or a phone number,” Justin said.

A New Jerseyan born and raised, Josh Levy is the CEO of Been Verified.

Alongside Co-Founder Ross Cohen, he built an online platform where people can look up any name, address, email, or phone number that seems suspect.

We have the ability to go from a lot of different data providers to have a complete record.” Gone are the days of driving yourself down to the courthouse to wait in lines and fill out paperwork for a criminal record that may not even be there.

Been Verified saves you the time and trouble with a simple online search.

The Short Version: Before you go on a date with someone you met online, you should know a little bit about them — like if they’ve been arrested or own a gun.

To help singles stay safe, Been Verified runs a complete background check that allows them to search online for individual names, phone numbers, email addresses, or property addresses.

By the time she was arrested in a luxury hotel in 2016, she’d stolen more than 0,000 using at least five different aliases.

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