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She is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. Kom grew up in humble surroundings, helping her parents with farm related chores, going to school and learning athletics initially and later boxing simultaneously.Kom's father was a keen wrestler in his younger days.

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Whether it's bars, social gathering or even office breaks, everyone just can't seem to stop talking about it.In school, Kom participated in all types of sports including volleyball, football and athletics. When she was 15, she took the decision to leave her hometown to study at the Sports academy in the state capital Imphal.It was the success of Dingko Singh that inspired her to switch from athletics to boxing in 2000. In an interview with the BBC, Meitei remembered her as a dedicated hardworking girl with a strong will power, who picked up the basics of boxing quickly.The months of April and May symbolise a phase where everything else becomes secondary, with India's cash-rich T20 spectacle stealing the limelight.And, understandably, people from other sectors mainly fashion and Bollywood join hands with cricket to ride the IPL wave.Kom, who had previously fought in the 46 and 48 kg categories, shifted to the 51 kg category after the world body decided to allow women’s boxing in only three weight categories eliminating the lower weight classes.

At the 2012 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship, Kom was competing not just for the championship itself but also for a place at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the first time women's boxing had featured as an Olympic sport.After standard VIII, Kom moved to Adimjati High School, Imphal, for her schooling for class IX and X, but was unable to pass the matriculation exam.Not wishing to reappear for them, she quit her school and gave her examination from NIOS, Imphal and graduation from Churachandpur College.But unlike the other B-Town celebs who have particularly developed a liking towards Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, Kat seems to have a thing for gentlemen.And, if you've followed cricket in the past, you'd know that no cricketer (current or former) can match the mannerisms of Rahul Dravid.After three years, her father began to support Kom's pursuits in boxing as he grew convinced of her love of boxing.

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