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Cage’s next project, 'Rumble Fish' came about thanks to a minor helping hand from Francis Ford-Coppola and he impressed enough to gain a part in 'Racing with the Moon' with another actor climbing the steep ladder to fame - Sean Penn.Choosing to carry on piggy-backing off his Uncle’s success, Cage was cast in Coppola’s 'The Cotton Club' in 1984.

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Having won an audience in the underground world with his turn in Raising Arizona, Cage played a part somewhat reflective version of himself in 1990 as an Elvis-obsessive in 'Wild At Heart' (Cage is a huge Elvis fan).A stream of films continued to fill out Cage’s CV for the next couple of years from his attempts to break into the ‘mainstream’ with 'Wings Of The Apache', to his more natural habitat in lower budget flicks such as 'Deadfall', directed by his brother Christopher Coppola.Mike Figgis’ 'Leaving Las Vegas' was to be a huge benchmark for Cage in 1995.Coppola had realised this after Cage’s surreal techniques incurred the wrath of studio executives who disliked his method.One person who had valued Cage’s performances was the singer Cher and she subsequently requested he be cast as her young lover in the 1987 film 'Moonstruck'.Worried that many people would judge him prematurely on the basis of his family credentials, Nicolas Coppola became Nicholas Cage, a surname chosen in homage to one his comic book heroes, Luke Cage.

Despite detaching himself from the obvious Coppola line, Cage continued to stay on close terms with his uncle and take advice from him.After marrying in Hawaii in August 2002, no one could feign surprise that Cage had filed for divorce by November the same year.Reasons for the divorce attracted much speculation, including the obvious unique Elvis trophy - his daughter - and the fact that Cage wasn’t ready to let go of his bachelor life-style.Thanks to Cage’s penchant for going beyond the call of duty in terms of role preparation, his part as an alcoholic writer took him first to Ireland to experience hardcore drinking in the land of writers first hand.His performance was rated highly by the critics and Cage won both a Best Actor Academy Award and a Golden Globe.The film came as a long-awaited triumph to Cage as his performance was applauded and he earned himself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor, while Cher won an Academy Award for her role.

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