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Naked no reg sex chat - Flirten lippstadt

"C'mon, don't be shy" Tom said as I squirmed away from his searching fingers. "Now, c'mon, joke's over…," but I didn't finish the sentence as his fingers closed over my erection and squeezed whilst Joe's fingers brushed over my hard nipple making me groan.

"Umm……, that's so good, don't tell me you still don't want to jerk off?

Joe pulled me close until our cocks were pressing against each other, then I backed away a bit, and looked down at his penis.

He was bigger in length and girth and I felt that exciting tingling in my cock, just like I normally do with Sue and wondered what it'd be like to hold him and maybe even give him a blowjob.

We were soon engrossed in the movie as the two girls began kissing and writhing together but a few nervous glances were exchanged as the two guys started playing around. Within moments both of their cocks were out and being stroked as the two guys on screen really got into it.

When they began stroking each others cocks I glanced at Joe who had already unzipped his jeans with his hand inside stroking his cock, "what's the matter? "They've got the right idea" Tom said reaching over and placing his hand close to the bulge in my lap as Joe moved to sit beside me. "Relax" Tom whispered rubbing his hand over the ever increasing bulge in my trousers.

In questa collezione trovi inoltre elencati i siti dedicati al genere trans e amatoriale.

We'd all been drinking quite heavily all evening and were all somewhat more than a bit merry as I sat next to Tom on the couch whilst Joe slipped a DVD in the player and sat in the armchair with his legs splayed out.

Then wrapping his hand around my cock, which still hadn't cum, he started slowly squeezing and stroking it.

Twisting around I leaned forward until I was able to lick the end of his penis, tasting Tom's precum which was completely different to Joe's.

My efforts were rewarded by hearing him moan as my tongue lapped his balls before returning to his shaft and tongued his head a bit, all around the top and sides of it.

Feeling his hands on my head I ran my tongue once more from his balls all the way to the top, but this time as I went down, I moved his throbbing cock head into my mouth.

I'm not sure who groaned the louder with the pleasure, Joe or me as I slowly ran my tongue around it before sucking gently.

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