Mola mazo camilo sexto

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The Alma CD includes some songs in English: Selections from The Phantom of the Opera and a duet with Andrea Bronston.

Unfortunately, by this time it was already too late, irreparable damage had been done.

His concerts took him round the world with such songs as "¿Quieres ser mi amante?

", "Llueve sobre mojado", "Ayudadme", "Isabel", "Déjame participar en tu juego" and "Madre".

Year after year, he had reached the top of the charts all over America, Latin America and in Spain, with songs like Algo De Mí (Something in me) (1971–72), Amor... to love) (1972), Melina (1975), a song about Melina Mercouri, ¿Quieres ser mi amante? ) (1974), Jamás (Never) (1975), El Amor de mi Vida (The Love of my Life ) (1978), Perdóname (song) (Forgive me) (1981), the latter being his most successful hit, among others being Donde estés, con quien estés, Amor de mujer (1984) and the classic "Amor Mío, ¿Qué Me Has Hecho? ) (1991), number one in the Billboard magazine on November 1991, plus several other hits around the world.

He survived a liver transplant, in 2003 and managed to make a successful comeback with his album Alma, surprising the audience with the song "Mola mazo" ("It rules") in an exercise of self-assertion.

He received further "Discos de Oro" for record sales.

Both in terms of interpretation and musically speaking, Sesto's show was considered of great quality.

In October 2010, he gave his last two concerts in Madrid, which were released as his first "live" (and also last) album.

A live DVD called "Todo de Mí" recorded in Madrid, was released around the same time.

After editing his first record - with his band Los Dayson, in 1965 they traveled to Madrid to appear on TVE's Salto a la Fama. In 1967 the band appeared in the film El flautista de Hamelín.

In 1970, Sesto recorded various singles like: "Llegará el Verano" y "Sin Dirección", with the artistic name "Camilo Sexto". His solo career started in 1970 and in the same year he won the "Revelación" price, at the "Olés de la Canción" festival.

Camilo Sesto is the stage name of Camilo Blanes Cortés (born 16 September 1946). He is also a songwriter, a music producer and composer of romantic pop and rock ballads in the Latino genre.