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Maybe because the site is so expensive and you can't just join and steal all the videos. "Muscle Matt" is also "Private Red Door," which was linked to a friend of Matt Sanchez, the Republican gay porn closet case from a few years back. They make amateur videos, but don't show their faces. They are vary aggressive and want you to buy them presents, they have list and accounts set up where you can "donate" money, buy them expensive gifts, and they will jack off, get blow jobs and sometimes fuck lucky members. They use to post on muscle service, as did Sanchez, but the members there ran them off. Surely someone has busted him or revealed his identity by this point. Something from the comments on that site that I linked to: [quote]It is an exclusive club started by two muscle guys Matt and Carlo, I think they are from Florida, but I'm not sure.

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But since these guys go out of their way to hide their identities, I would imagine that they probably do identify as straight in real life.

If anyone has proof of anything different please contact me [email protected] post a link. We shoot real, raw and authentic as anyone who follows us knows.

If you are going to make a statement please back it up with proof. As in real life, guys sometimes loose boners, or are distracted I leave it in because you are experiencing what happens as it happens but in the end they all get raging hard and cum.

I downloaded one of the vids and agree you can see enough of his face to know he's attractive enough to be seen.

So the headlessness is just a gimmick to convince people he's straight, imo.

Or maybe they're going out of their way to convince people they're straight, because it's an added attraction fpr many.

They know their alleged camera-shyness will help convince people they're really straight.

At one point I was contacted by him to collaborate on some films and never did. Having said that "The Guy" who did or does those smoking fetish films is a friend today and a great guy to know, but not me (smile)Next, Adam, Adam is a personal friend of mine like many of the guys on the site and was a friend before he went in front of my cameras, and remains a friend today.

To the best of my knowledge he has not and is not filming for anyone else.

Our rule is a cock sucker either swallows or takes a load where ever my crew wants to put it.. We are REALITY PORN, not scripted "fast food" porn that a scene is shot for days and days and edited together.

I think some of you are used to the big studio high volume stuff and thats ok. Hit the site up, lots of new releases, and more coming we are approaching #100 and close to 50K members.. We are 12 years and we are here to stay with extensive projections for new features, live cams, and building a community that will live long past even me! I think all of your videos are hot, the site is hot.

One poor guy drank too much and ended up getting sick in the middle of the video - that after drinking a good amoung or Matt and his buddies piss. So the idea that one of the hot trainers at my gym might be in their vids kind of drives me crazy as well.

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