List of accommodating resistance machines

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List of accommodating resistance machines

Thanks Justin SUMMARY Overall, the limited amount of research that has compared the use of bands/chains to traditional weight training have typically attempted to control for mean force produced (and hence work done).These studies show little difference in the kinematics, kinetics or long-term adaptations of these alternative loading schemes to traditional loading.

I suspect that you are right about being in a different position.

I had a weightlifting background and found it hard to keep pushing for such a long time.

In this case the bands or chains would probably serve you well with the chains being less likely to pull you out of position.

It is obviously impossible to equate volumes in conventional vs accomodating resistance so that was a major flaw in the study design.

From personal experience using the methods (only for bench training), they are of particular value to powerlifters who wear suits and shirts as the load kicks in when the suit or shirt ceases to be of great value (about 4-5 inches off the chest).

Therefore, the results of the training studies confirm that force/work is an important stimulus for strength development.

However the reason that bands/chains are used by strength athletes is that they allow greater loading in the latter part of the concentric phase (where the leverage is generally better).It has not been published because no-one can be bothered to finish writing it up. I think it was presented at the NSCA conference in Vegas a few years ago. A second problem is the deceleration phase in which force and velocity decline markedly at the top of a lift and thus the body is not optimally loaded throughout the movement.Several mechanisms have been developed to address these issues.I teach resistance training and kinesiology courses here at RMIT in Melbourne and I think we did post-grad studies in the same place (SCU).Regards Tony Dr Anthony Shield Lecturer Division of Exercise Science School of Medical Sciences RMIT University Ph: 03 9925 7337 Fax: 03 9467 8181 E-Mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Justin, We at Ball State did a study using bands a few years ago. ABSTRACT There is a limitation to traditional resistance training when attempting to develop strength and power in that the load lifted does not match the changing force capabilities through the movement of the muscular and skeletal systems.With regard to your last question I suppose that they would, although so too do power cleans, cleans pulls etc..

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