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A hugom fiai az en En a hugom ferj Snek Az any6som a gyerekeim_ Az ap6som a felesegem apa anya feleseg ferj nagyanya nagyneni nagyapa fiver sogor nagybacsi any6s nover unoka&ccs lanya B. Az apfim fia az en A felesegem anyja az en_ Az anyam lanya az en Az en batyam a gyerekeim_ Az unokam anyja az en En az unokam .

nffs - es egy masik lanya, akinek most volt az eljegyzese egy fiatal mern&kkel. Among its features are varied lexical and grammatical drills which are included throughout. These, together with the comprehensive questions after each reading selec- tion, help the student develop facility in conversing and in using vocabulary and structure beyond the basic course. Az occse iskolaba jar es sok gondot okoz a szttleinek. Az anyja ket testvere - Feher nagynenje es nagybatyja - videken el. Feher, mielott a hivatalaba megy, * minden reggel elviszi a nagyobbik fiat az iskolaba, a kttzepsot meg az 6vodaba. A masodik vilaghaboruban sok ember (were killed in action). MODEL: nagyneni - Az apam nffvere az en nagynenim .

9 Magyar Szza meg egy-egy mondattal a kbvetkezfi szavakat: C. HUN G A R I A N This work was compiled and pub* lishod with the support of tho Office ol Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, United States of America. It has been an aim in the editing to retain as much as possible of the original style and flavor while modifying constructions and vocabulary as necessary for the benefit of students. KOSKl For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. The fifty-six reading selections have been arranged and edited to provide a sequencing suitable to the growing competence of students as they progress from the beginning through the intermediate stages of reading proficiency. Ki viszi reggel a gyerekeket az iskolaba es az 6vodaba? Complete each of the numbered sequences , as suggested in the model : MODEL: Feher - n£pes csal Sd. Mivel Feher felesege is dolgozik, nappal a kozeps5 fitt 6vodaban, a legkisebb pedig b&lcs6"deben van. 1 Szavak nepes hatan testver , -e harcter, teret, tere elesik a harcteren gondot okoz (-nek) hug, -a ferjhez inegy iker , ikret , ikre unokahug , -a karacsony lakodalom, lakodalmat, lakodalma eskuvo" tanulmanyut Vars6 munkavezet6 nyugdi j , dijat, dlja roeghal nagyneni unokatestver , -e hazas mivel kozeps S 6voda bolcs6"de any6s unoka ozvegy eltemet n6s eljegyzes large , numerous , populous six (people) brother or sister battlefield killed in action ("falls on the battlefield") causes anxiety younger sister she gets married twin niece Christmas wedding marriage ceremony study tour Warsaw foreman pension die aunt cousin he is married because, since, as, for middle kindergarten day nursery mother-in-law grandchild widow bury he is married engagement, betrothal 2 j6ban van is in good terms s6gor , -a brother-in-law tar sa sag company, society osszejon come together, keep company with j6l erzi magat a tarsasagukban enjoy their company Kerdesek 1.

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