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From the very beginning, we’ve known that the most effective solutions aren’t achieved at a distance.

Despite its critical importance to the Navy, shiphandling training is becoming increasingly more challenging as Surface Warfare Officers are spending less time at sea, and consequently experiencing fewer opportunities to conn a ship under the apprenticeship of a more experienced Master Mariner.

We bring our expertise to CSAI in curriculum, instruction, and standards with a focus on formative assessment to support classroom teachers in implementing new standards.

These formative assessment practices promote students’ deeper learning of content and achievement.

This can lead to less confidence and diminished competence in shiphandling among Surface Warfare Officers, which in turn increases the Navy’s risk for accidents (collisions, allisions, groundings, etc.) when carrying out mission-critical tasks.

To address these concerns, the Navy has invested in the Conning Officers Virtual Environment (COVE) and the associated intelligent tutoring system that can be paired with it, COVE-ITS.

Read More Meet the Staff As a Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Read More Meet the Staff With a rich history steeped in education and an unwavering dedication to this day, we are uniquely positioned to guide policies and create the kinds of tools that improve the quality of learning. military to model and implement assessment and training systems that produce hard-to-measure information—such as cognitively complex performance data, decision-making abilities, and situation awareness.

Alan Koenig’s expertise is in the design and application of innovative uses of technology in instructional settings, particularly in the field of automated assessment within computer-based games and simulations. Our leading-edge work solves some of the most challenging issues facing Pre-K-16 students, educators, stakeholders, and policymakers. Our efforts help bolster military preparedness, safeguard national security, and protect critical assets around the world.A wannan bangare zaka samu bayanai kan wasu garuruwa ko ince takwarorin Kano, a kasashe irin su Rasha, Congo Democratic Republic, Japan, Nijer, Hungari, Chadi.A bangare na karshe kuma, wanda ke hannun dama, nau’ukan bayanan da ke ciki sun hada da kasidu (articles), littafai, mujallu, zauren hira da tattaunawa (Discussion Forum), wakoki na kafiya (poems) da kuma jakunkunan sauti na tafisiri da wakokin Imfiraji (kamar yadda bayani ya gabata a sama).More Info We deliver actionable, meaningful research and development that advances the field of educational assessment and evaluation, promotes effective and equitable education policy, and improves evidence-based inferences.CRESST is home to some of the most preeminent scholars and researchers in their respective fields.The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.