Joe cheng dating

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Joe cheng dating

After the kiss, it was very awkward and we pretend nothing has happen.] For his most romantic kiss of all, was also happened during his school days in one of the New Year’s Eve countdown, [That time a group of people were doing the countdown along the street, very excited.My girlfriend and I just started to kiss on the street, now when think about it, it was very romantic!

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[Having fans meeting, having interaction with the fans is already very good!) (June 19, 1982) is a Taiwanese model, actor and singer.Although he started his career as a model, Cheng is well known for his role as Jiang Zhishu in Taiwanese drama serial version of Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss, It Started with a Kiss.Taiwanese Idol Series [It Started With A Kiss]’s sequel [They Kiss Again] is going to be aired in Singapore.The main cast Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have filmed about 40 kissing scenes.Cheng has gained much recognition as an actor in most parts of Asia, particularly Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Japan.

Cheng released his debut EP, Sing a Song, in October 2009.]Xiao Zhong may likes to joke around and having a lot of friends in the entertainment industry but actually he also share some similarity with Zhi Shu, the male lead of the series --- keeping quiet!He said: [I didn’t dare to say who I like and also will not directly express my own feelings.]Using txt messages to pursue girl and to confess love will get 100% successful rate Then normally how Xiao Zhong would pursue girls?He reportedly achieved success as a model within one year of signing.Cheng is based in Taiwan and also counts China, Hong Kong and Japan as his main target markets. It was this role that kick-started his acting career.The title of the EP as well as its title track is a play on the third word in his name, Chang (暢) as a homophone of the word “Sing” (唱) in Chinese.