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Hebrew to english transliteration online dating - oasis live dating

To answer it they take their stand on the teaching of the Master in the nineteenth chapter of St.

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It existed everywhere and although in practice it is apt to lead to many abuses, still, in the mild form in which it was allowed among the Jews, and with the safeguards prescribed by the Law, it cannot be said with truth to be contrary to sound morality.It was a sign and mark by which he was known to be a lifelong slave.The practice was doubtless already familiar to the Israelites of the time, as it was to their neighbours.155) professes to be very much shocked by what is prescribed in Exodus, xxi, 5-6.It is there laid down that if a Hebrew slave who has a wife and children prefers to remain with his master rather than go out free when the sabbatical year comes round, he is to be taken to the door-post and have his ear bored through with an awl, and then he is to remain a slave for life.This is not the same as to say that the whole of the Old Law was revealed to Moses.

There is abundant evidence in Scripture itself that many portions of the Mosaic legislation existed and were put in practice long before the time of Moses. The religious observance of the seventh day is another, and this indeed, seems to be implied in the very form in which the Third Commandment is worded: " Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day." If we except the merely positive determinations of time and manner in which religious worship was to be paid to God according to this commandment, and the prohibition of making images to represent God contained in the first commandment, all the precepts of the Decalogue are also precepts of the natural law, which can be gathered by reason from nature herself, and in fact they were known long before Moses wrote them down at the express command of God. Paul — "For when the Gentiles, who have not the law, do by nature those things that are of the law ; these having not the law [of Moses ], are a law to themselves: who shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness to them" ( Romans , 15 ).The slave himself probably thought no more of the operation than does a South African beauty, when her lip or ear is pierced for the lip-ring and the ear-ring, which in her estimation are to add to her charms.It is really too much when a staid professor makes such a prescription the ground for a grave charge of inhumanity against the law of Moses .What is there said of divorce is applicable to plurality of wives.The strict law of marriage was made known to our first parents in Paradise : "They shall be two in one flesh" ( Genesis ).The Old and the New Testament, Christ and His Apostles, Jewish as well as Christian tradition, agree in asserting that Moses wrote down the Law at the direct inspiration of God.

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