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Her film credits include Day of Independence, Hot Spot and Only the Brave.

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The regular edition's cover art shows Yumi protecting Ami from a stream of water with an umbrella. Yumi was good enough to pose with the CD backstage while doing some Mc-ing for Live Factory's gig at Zepp Tokyo. " was released on June 17th (in addition to their March 25th cover album). - Updates to Puffy Ami Yumi World - 2009 January - We made Yumi a Birthday Card.

Puffy are still going strong with their latest anniversary album, "Thank You", including a twelve show tour of Japan from April 2 to May 15.

The limited edition includes a bonus (region-2 encoded) DVD featuring 17 music videos including "Hajimari no Uta" and "Happy Birthday".

(lyrics: Tamio Okuda & Puffy/music: Tamio Okuda) 2.

Other related Actress: Ac2 Ac3 Ac4 Ac5 Ac6 Ac7 Ac8 Ac9 Ac10 Ac11 Ac12 Ac13 Ac14 Ac15 Ac16 Ac17 Ac18 Ac19 Ac20 Ac21 Ac22 Ac23 Ac24 Ac25 Ac26 Ac27 Ac28 Ac29 Ac30 Ac31 Ac32 Ac33 Ac34 Ac35 Ac36 Ac37 Ac38 Ac39 First the ladies joined up without unique band member D Woods.

July 11 (Sat) FUKUOKA IMZ Hall July 12 (Sun) HIROSHIMA Club Quattro July 14 (Tue) OSAKA Namba Hatch July 15 (Wed) NAGOYA Diamond Hall July 17 (Fri) FUKUI Hibiki Hall July 19 (Sun) SHIBUYA C. Lemon Hall July 23 (Thur) NAGANO Tomi City Cultural Hall Sun Terrace Hall Bring It!

So far no word on a US tour :( If you are in Japan during July then here you go: PUFFY TOUR 2009 Bring it! After some months into different things Aundrea Fimbres declared throughout the No Filter tour of band previous May that she was parting to concentrate on family...In the wake of a personal tragedy, MAya, a beautiful young girl finds work in a seedy Hollywood massage parlor. Also included is the 80kidz Remix version of “Wedding Bell”. Note: A My Space account is now required to join because of spamming issues. (Post your comment about this news update.) Hot on the heels of their last album, Bring It, Puffy have returned with a new single on July 29 featuring the theme song to “Naruto the Movie: Shippuden Hi no Ishi wo Tsugu Mono” (by the Birthday's Yusuke Chiba). Talk with fellow Puffy fans and make some new (or discover some old) friends.Welcome to the J-Pop World featured artist site for the Japanese duo Puffy Ami Yumi.

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