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In a previous family intervention study (De Bourdeaudhuij and Brug, 2000), the impact of tailored versus standardized nutrition education on fat intake and on psychosocial determinants of fat intake in families was investigated, in a randomized controlled dietary feedback study.

Parents in the family-based intervention group reported higher social support scores at post-test.

No differences in post-test fat intake were found between the two study conditions.

It is concluded that the results further illustrate the potential of tailored fat feedback, but the results do not provide evidence for superiority of family-based tailoring above individual-based tailored interventions for fat.

If one individual in the family wants to change his/her fat intake, other family members may offer resistance or may have to make dietary changes too.

Previous studies showed that one member of the family is seldom strong enough to influence family food choices.

This previous study did not answer the question whether family-based tailored interventions are more effective than tailored interventions focusing on a single person. In the present study, the differences in impact between a family- and an individual-based tailored nutrition education programme focusing at fat reduction were studied.

The first aim was to investigate changes in fat intake and in certain psychosocial determinants of fat intake (attitude, self-efficacy, social support, awareness, family perception, friends perception and intention) over time.Further, tailored feedback resulted in stronger awareness of personal fat intake and awareness of fat intake of family members.This previous study showed that differences in fat reduction between family members receiving general or tailored nutrition education letters were smaller than expected.Analyses were conducted among 180 respondents, comparing 44 adolescents in the family condition with 50 adolescents in the individual condition and 44 parents in the family condition with 40 parents in the individual condition.Respondents in both conditions reported positive reactions towards the tailored fat feedback letters.The present study investigates the impact of a tailored nutrition intervention on the reduction of fat intake and on psychosocial determinants of fat intake.

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