Geoff stults stacy keibler still dating

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I had a casual FB thing going with his understudy, who told me that said actor, who was either engaged or married (forgot which one) to a woman at the time, "entertained" guys in his dressing room. I was staying at a hotel in Culver City and my boyfriend went out for cigarettes or food. A male gay friend claimed to have walked in on an oral sex session between Jude Law and David Beckham around 13 years ago.

Used to sport the pornstache so popular among gay guys in the 70s.I always thought they tend to be shorter because so many start acting as children or as teens.The shorter stature meant someone who is more mature could play a role much younger than their actual age.Their shorter stature is evolutionarily compensated by having overly perfect faces which look great on the big screen.My theory is that male beauty comes at a cost of stature.It is a form a genetic compensation, evolutionarily speaking.

Would be interesting if someone were to do a study on that.But you never know how any of these people, male or female, have used manipulative tactics to get ahead. That's why they do it.r56, any further details about your friend and Gale? I didn't say he was gay but he's not 100% straight either.I know he's bi because of my what my friend told me about him bringing home men. But I know that he's also been with women during and after Queer as Folk. He's just never publicly announced it and I doubt he ever will.Also sex IS a commodity in Hollywood where you fuck around not just for roles, but for connections, power, inside info, access, better tickets, better contract negotiations, better seats (closer to people who matter), etc.[qupte]I always thought the reason so many actors were short is because they could not make any of the sports teams in high school.You bring up an interesting curiosity about Hollywood's leading men.Are you speaking of Christopher Lloyd as in "Back to the Future"?