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This service allows overseas students and their sponsors to make direct bank transfers via the Globalpay for Students platform powered by Western Union Business Solutions.In order to use the system, you must provide the PRID and date of birth of the person for whom you would like to pay.

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Please note that you may need to provide additional documentation to obtain a Standard Account.If Global Web Pay receive the money you wish to send before GMT (or BST), the recipient should typically receive the money the next working day.However, in some instances, it can take up to 3 working days.Here's how: This fast and secure method is the easiest way to make your mortgage or loan payments.Express Pay transfers your payments from any financial institution to Metro electronically.The University of Essex offers two payment methods to students for the payment of fees, accommodation and other expenses.

The service allows students and their sponsors to make secure online payments using credit cards and debit cards.

Your account limits are linked to your account level.

You can make unlimited payments up to and not exceed the total monthly value of your account.

What is the difference between a foreign exchange fee, spread, and rate?

The foreign exchange rate is the equivalent of one currency when converted into another currency.

(minimum transfer of £15)Can I upgrade my account and increase my limits?

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