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Table 2: Empirical distribution of leakage reactance in induction motors (IEEE 112).So if we are changing X1 and X2, then starting time will also change.

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The basic operation of induction motor is similar to transformer, where the stator acts as the primary side of transformer and the rotor as secondary of transformer as shown in Figure 1.Squirrel cage induction motor is most commonly used motor in the world due to its simple design, less maintenance and simple operation.The rating of induction motor is available from fraction of watts to Mega-Watts.This large current does not harm the motor due to short duration.Table 1: Summary of representative critical system voltage levels when starting motors (IEEE 399-1997).Normally, the starting current of an induction motor is six to eight time of full load current.

Plenty of methods have been discovered to start motor in a quick time, but due to un-economic nature, use are limited.Some of popular starting methods amongst all are 1) Direct-on-line starting 2) Stator resistance starting 3) Autotransformer starting 4) Star-delta starting 5) Rotor resistance In practice, any one of the first four methods is used for starting squirrel cage motors, depending upon the size of the motor.But slip ring motors are mostly started by rotor resistance starting.Therefore, it is desirable and necessary to reduce the magnitude of stator current during starting.Several methods have been discovered to reduce the starting current.Visit for more related articles at Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems This paper presents the starting time calculation for a squirrel cage induction motor.