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But things don Shane Morgan's world is shattered when his mother is killed in a car accident. His father and hero, a famous rodeo star, drowns his sorrow in booze and soon is just a rodeo clown with a drinking problem. Have to read this and do a report on it for school.

Their work and commitment to this project is gratefully appreciated. 5258 Whitecourt Roman Catholic Separate School District No.

The bibliographic information noted for each annotation contains the publication date of the authorized edition.

The original date of publication of the work, where known or where different from the above, is also included, and indicated by [original date].

You get an awesome book, free stuff, and you support an independent bookstore--it's a win-win!

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His father and hero, a famous rodeo star, drowns his sorrow in booze and soon is just a rodeo clown with a drinking problem. No offence Marilyn, but if your going to make a book, make a good one. If your ever, ever going to make a good book, let me know?

Then the two inherit a small ranch, and Shane looks forward to having a real home, making friends, and getting through a whole school year in the same place.

All such titles are still in print and available, provide a valuable classroom study, and add balance to the new list.

Titles that are out-of-print, or no longer available, were not considered for inclusion on this 1994 list; others were withdrawn because new titles provide more challenge at the course level or better balance for course selection.

Books that have been translated from another language have been so noted, and the name of the translator is also indicated.

New editions of titles from the 1983 list were not reviewed in this project, and there may be more current editions available.

APPENDIX An Appendix containing suggestions regarding challenges to book selection is included, as well as the Alberta Education Policy on Controversial Issues.

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