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Christian protestant dating sites - Syracuse free chat line

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment Thomas Thayer's classic book on how Endless Punishment became part of what many churches teach, despite it being contrary to the true nature of Jehovah God as revealed in the Bible.This pdf was provided by Homosexuality How does one become a homosexual? (By Mark Copeland) The Gift of Salvation - Briefly recounts the experiences of Charles Chiniquy, a well-known priest in the Catholic Church for 50 years.

For now, contact us and request a printed copy of our library contents.

It clearly reveals the pagan origins of many non-biblical "Orthodox" beliefs. Genetics: Enemy of Evolution Does Mendelian genetics support the hypothesis of evolution, or is it in greater harmony with the hypothesis of Creation? D.) Playing God in the Garden Michael Pollan wrote this article for The New York Times Sunday Magazine on genetically engineered potatoes.

The Doom of Today's Towns and Cities and Harmageddon - Free Book Offer: CHC Publications have been given a number of copies of John Quincy Adams' book, written in 1936. Christian books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, audio and video tapes are available for loan within Australia.

by Keith Green -What is the effect of Vatican II on Catholic doctrine and dogma?

The Two Babylons This is the full 7th edition of Alexander Hislop's classic book as a 13mb PDF.

Ellen White Exposed - This well-organised site maintains documents which clearly show that Ellen White can not be a Prophet of God. Christian Biblical Church of God - Has many useful and accurate resources. Steve Bruns Home Page - Steve provides access to many interesting articles, including God's Holy Days and Calendar.

United Church of God homepage - Site contains the full text of several excellent booklets and numerous articles from their "Good News" magazine. Different way of getting there, but similar to our conclusions on the IDL.

Truth on the Web - Brian Hoeck's site has many useful resources, including links to online Bibles, books and software.

Answering Islam - This British website helps Christians understand the Moslem religion and also helps Moslems to get a clearer knowledge of Christianity.

The issue in the court case was the university’s refusal to allow interracial dating or marriage among students, staff or faculty of the university, a rule it has since abandoned.

In 2008, past President Stephen Jones, great-grandson of evangelist and university founder Bob Jones, apologized for BJU’s past racial discrimination.

An important and thought-provoking article written by Samuel V. Catholic Chronicle I: Eating the Flesh of Deity by Keith Green -What is the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation? Catholic Chronicle II: Jesus Dies Again by Keith Green -What is the meaning and Biblical basis of the Catholic doctrine of the Sacrifice of the Mass?

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