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Moore also interviews young people in the area of Flint, Michigan to learn their shockingly casual views on the use of guns and explosives.Naturally, Moore is looking for extremists, not to hold them as representatives of the population at large, but to pose the question of how such people can regularly emerge out of a seemingly normal society.

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Pursuing the implications of this unexpected discovery, Moore looks for cultural differences that might account for the disparity in gun violence rates.

When the residents see him, they are not the least bit startled, flustered, fearful, or angry. Still not convinced, Moore decides to examine a Canadian slum, only to find that government-funded cooperative housing is quite safe and clean.

Canadians are not fiercely divided against one another, racially or socially, nor do they instinctively respond to strange or unexpected house calls with fear and anger.

The silence that follows, with Nichols face showing no appreciation of the irony of his statement, could not have been better scripted.

The cold realism becomes more unsettling as Nichols shows Moore the loaded .44 Magnum he keeps under his pillow, and points it to his own forehead.

After 9/11, the bunker mentality comes out in full force, and the nation embarks on a paranoid policy of hit them before they hit us.

This attitude is the complete opposite of the Canadian womans response to a burglary, and evidences the essential cowardice of certain Americans, and any people who would attack the innocent in order to protect themselves from a potential danger.With an easy smile that has to be seen to be felt, she says, oh yes, once when I was at home, someone came in and vandalized the house.Yet she continues to leave her door unlocked without reservation.His presentation is not, as some critics have argued, a simple-minded argument for gun control.In fact, his discussion of gun usage in Canada undermines standard gun control apologetics, evincing a much more thoughtful and nuanced analysis than his critics accredit to him.Moores eventual confrontation with K-marts corporate leadership manifests his conviction that ammunition should not be cheaply and easily accessible to youth.

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