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Once they reach the top, they find themselves another money temptation: $40,000 for themselves and quit, or an eight-pound advantage for their team at the weigh-in.They resist the temptation and choose the weigh-in advantage and their team is ecstatic for them.

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Things get serious quickly when their new host, Bob Harper, starts off with their first temptation.

Luis and Hope fall below the line, and Team Jen votes Colby's wife, Hope, off the ranch, breaking Colby's heart.

First aired January 18, 2016 In the first challenge, the teams must relay a correct combination of 14 colors to each other in a digital distraction-filled game of telephone.

But, once they push the button, they also quit the game. Again, no one budges but one contestant nearly collapses.

Bob tells her that she'll be okay and she didn't quit because she never pushed the button.

Team Dolvett picks the White Team, while Team Jen pick the Green Team.

Both teams are neck and neck at first, but Richard and Erin from Team Dolvett beat Team Jen's Hernandez brothers to the top when one of the twins on the other team keeps falling off the ladder.For the first official challenge of Season 17, each team picks has to put sacks of money onto a scale which will lower a ladder in downtown Los Angeles.Once the ladder comes down, the team will decide which couple to climb the ladder all the way to top.The contestants competed to win a 0,000 prize which was awarded to Roberto Hernandez, the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss.The cast was announced on December 1 and includes Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch First aired January 4, 2016 An all-new The Biggest Loser is back, and Season 17 is all about temptation.First aired January 11, 2016 Team Dolvett feels frustrated they're not getting together.