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Before 1200 cal yr BP, human activities were minor, such that the wetland ecosystem in the Sanjiang Plain before this period may represent the reference conditions that for the recovery of these wetlands.To fill this critical gap in our knowledge, combustion sources and emission intensities, reconstructed via black carbon (BC) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were analyzed in two wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain in Northeast China.C provided age control for the sedimentary records.As the human population increased after 1200 cal yr BP, combustion sources changed and residential areas became a major source of BC and PAHs.In this way, the wetland ecosystem gradually became more heavily influenced by human activities.The historical conditions of an ecosystem that have been influenced by subsequent human activities—and the remaining information associated with these ecosystems—can be used to inform modern ecosystem management and restoration approaches.

Paleoenvironmental records can be used to reconstruct and understand the condition of these ecosystems (e.g., aquatic systems) in the past and assess the influence of climate changes and human activities on these ecosystems.

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Thus, investigating historical fluctuations in BC deposition in wetland systems and the factors that influence these fluxes is critical.

In addition, the climate of the Sanjiang Plain has changed dramatically during the Holocene epoch.

This approach therefore is suitable for reconstructing the historical intensity of combustion source emissions.

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