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Although you do not need a lining for these gloves, the wool is so thick and dense that it is not suited for elegant men’s dress gloves.

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The gauntlets were a significant piece in any combat arsenal and were used to assist in defensive maneuvers against sharp and blunt instruments such as swords.

Even astronauts traveling to space use custom gloves to shield their hands from the elements and protect them from the elements of space.

It’s very supple and soft to the touch but offers enduring resistance to wear and tear.

In the Middle Ages, the term of “throwing down the gauntlet” first appeared meaning that a Knight was prepared to fight and defend his or his lady’s honor.

Since the best Alpaca fibers and peccary leather come from Peru, all Fort Belvedere peccary gloves are lined with Alpaca, in vibrant custom colors.

These are very popular with military and police snipers because it allows them to shoot easier.

Peccary leather is derived from the Peccary animal, which is part of the pig family.Otherwise you may run the risk of damaging your glove.While a hand sewn seam can rip under extreme conditions, the leather can be resewn over and over again, and you will likely never be able to destroy peccary leather in the course of normal use.Cow Hide Leather Typically used in lower price gloves, cowhide is quite thick for a day or evening glove but is very suitable for those who either lose their gloves or want some winter protection.Often people misconstrue this type of glove as being a premium material because they associate the goat with certain materials like pashmina.While designing Fort Belvedere glove prototypes, I experimented with 4 and 2 points, but it simply doesn’t look as good as 3. How to Wear Gloves It is always necessary to put your gloves on in the convenience and privacy of your own residence.

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