Adult wilderness rehab bootcamps

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Adult wilderness rehab bootcamps - online dating western australia

I didn’t submit the flight he purchased for himself to come out and join me.

I know it’s not because we’re staying late or that he’s coming out to join me (my manager is also staying late and her boyfriend is also flying out to join her).Would it be overkill to write her to VERY briefly highlight the relevant experience I’ve gained over the last few years?I’m concerned she remembers me as having a very niche background, which is less true now.Mary told Beth private details about the call reviews, using names of our coworkers, and now a drunken Beth told me. I really don’t feel comfortable having phone reviews with someone who is in a role where the info is supposed to be confidential, yet she is sharing it with her friend (my coworker).I can’t help but think it’s not professional and she could lose her job over it or at least get reprimanded.I’ve already let her know I applied to role #2 and she wrote back immediately that she remembered me well and would mention me to the hiring manager for role #2.

What makes this a bit tricky is that the hiring manager for role #2 was a panelist on that final round interview two years ago.

I also question if she shows favoritism in marking her friend’s calls.

I want to bring this up to my manager (who is also Mary’s manager), but I don’t know how to without Mary finding out her friend Beth spilled the beans to someone. My manager is a very no-nonsense type of manager and I find her hard to read and talk to about things. Ideally you’d tell Beth that you’re really alarmed by what she shared with you because Mary’s role requires discretion and fairness, and that you feel like you’re ethically obligated to share it with your manager.

One of my coworkers, Beth, is very close friends with Mary.

Beth is always scoring a lot of 100% on her call reviews and she gets praised for it by our manager.

At a recent after-work networking event, Beth had a bit too much to drink and disclosed to me that Mary tells her things about other people’s call reviews.

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