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Co-pilot Rick, unaware of the snake, believes Sam has suffered a heart attack and continues toward LAX.Some of the snakes attack Rick, and while fending them off he accidentally releases the oxygen masks throughout the plane, causing several snakes to drop into the cabin with them.

Flynn and Troy take the controls of the plane and Troy reveals that his flight experience was from a video game flight simulator.

The dealer finally reveals that Kim hired him to obtain the snakes and adds how the latter managed to smuggle them on board the plane.

Price injects antivenom to the injured dealer and he commandeers the dealer's supply of antivenom for the plane's victims based on the list given to him, while Harris gives orders to have Eddie Kim arrested on multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

Agent Flynn contacts FBI Special Agent Hank Harris on the ground, who gets in touch with ophiologist Dr.

Steven Price, Customs' main source for animal smuggling cases.

Harris contacts Flynn, telling him that anti-venom will be ready for the passengers when they land.

However, Flynn discovers that the cockpit is filled with snakes and Rick is dead.Rick is attacked and the plane starts to dip downwards, causing a food trolley to crash through the luggage blockade.The passengers flee to the upstairs first class cabin before blocking the stairwell with an inflatable liferaft.Agent Flynn and Flight Attendant Claire regain control of the plane.Rick retakes the controls and has Flynn go into the cargo hold to restore the air conditioning/ventilation system.As a token of gratitude, Sean later takes Flynn to Bali and teaches him how to surf.

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